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Why emu oil is your skin's best friend this summer

Lady sitting on beach with hat on

Here we are again in the midst of another hot Australian summer. Now is the time of year for long days at the beach, picnics, camping, barbecues, fishing and everything else we all love to do when the weather is good. The only problem is that summer is not a particularly good time of year when it comes to our skin. Sunburn, insect bites, heat/sweat rashes, cracked/dry skin - these are all as synonymous with an Aussie summer as throwing a snag on the BBQ. Especially if you are a parent, you will certainly relate to the inevitable "Muuum, I got itchy bites" or "Daaad, I got sunburnt" bound to happen this time of year no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

When it comes to relief from all the things an Australian summer throws at our skin, absolutely nothing comes close to emu oil. In fact Indigenous Australian's have been using emu oil for over 40,000 years in one of the harshest climates on earth for this very reason. Keeping a bottle of oil in your bag or medicine cupboard is a smart move this time of year. Here's just a few reasons why...


The instant feeling of relief when you rub emu oil on sun burnt skin is indeed very satisfying. It very quickly soothes the burning feeling and penetrates the epidermis layers to promote repair and healing. You only need to apply a very small amount of oil a few times a day to the affected areas for great benefit. It goes without saying that proper sun prevention is so important in Australia. Emu oil is for the relief of sunburn and NOT prevention. Like most things prevention is the best medicine, so please be sure to be sun safe.

OzWellness products on beach at Magnetic Island, Queensland

Going to the beach for a day in the sun? Don't forget your emu oil!

Insect bites & stings

Mozzies, sandflies, green ants, midgies, bees and other pesky creepy-crawlies - they all LOVE summer! Whether you are at home having a BBQ, out catching some fish, or enjoying a few evening drinks outdoors, you are bound to end up with a few red bumps on your skin eventually. If you have children, you will also know that our local insect population seems to be magically drawn to them for some strange reason, and the ensuing complaining about itchiness and pain can often ruin a good trip or night out. If this happens, just rub a small amount of emu oil on the affected bite/sting area for instant relief. Furthermore, emu oil has potent bacteriostatic properties which helps reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as phytonutrients which promote the repair of broken and irritated skin. You can thank us later when a few mozzie bites doesn't ruin your next camping trip :)

Closeup rubbing emu oil on to hands

Perfect for instant soothing relief from irritating bites and skin rashes

Skin rashes

Hot weather, sweating and too much sun is a catalyst for many types of skin rashes and issues. From heat rash, sun rash, sweat rash, chaffing, and rashes derived from allergies such as eczema, hives and plants/grass - these all tend to flare up in the summer time. Once again, the unique properties of emu oil make it an ideal solution to help soothe the skin and promote repair from these issues. The oil's powerful bacteriostatic properties help reduce inflammation and swelling, making it perfect for use on rashes to quickly relieve pain and itchiness. The best time to apply emu oil for this is when the skin is dry and clean around the affected area/s.

Closeup of oil next to lady wearing boots with cactus socks

Skin feeling cracked and dry?

General dry & cracked skin

You just have to look at what the harsh Australian sun does to the land to realise how damaging it can be on our skin too. This time of year it is so important to make sure you keep your skin moisturised to help prevent dry skin issues and reduce premature aging. Emu oil is an incredibly powerful moisturiser which penetrates deep within the epidermis to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and provide a barrier against harsh environmental influences.

If summer brings out the worst in your cracked skin, particularly around your feet, lips, hands, and heels, emu oil, and especially our emu oil skin repair cream, will be of great benefit. Use daily to keep your skin happy and healthy to prevent such issues before they happen. It can be used in much the same way as a nightly moisturiser as part of your general skincare routine, or more often (2-3 times a day) for the treatment of an existing cracked skin issue. Emu oil is 100% natural and safe to apply on cracked lips too. Many people consume the oil orally so there is no issues applying it around the mouth region.

Child drawing in backyard with emu oil bottle

Safe & effective for the whole family - especially children!

Great for the whole family!

A lot of the issues covered in this article particularly affect children, the elderly and those with sensitive skin. This is where emu oil really stands out above the rest. It is natural, hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types - making it safe and effective for the whole family. Unfortunately a lot of other common products we tend to turn to for all of summer's little skin issues are not. Many are full of chemicals, unnatural ingredients and are quite irritating on certain skin types. The fact that you can consume emu oil orally says it all. How many other skincare products would you be happy for your children to ingest?

In summary, when it comes to the exceptionally harsh Australian summer and how it impacts our skin, an equally exceptional solution is needed. Give emu oil a go - you will be surprised just how often it comes in handy.

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