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Emu oil for Beards & facial hair

Man with glorious beard crossing arms

Do you want to attract all the amazing things only a majestic beard will bring?

Beard lovers rejoice, for never fear emu oil is here! This amazing oil helps hydrate & condition facial hair, repair dry or damaged follicles, and nourishes the skin to prevent dryness, flakiness, itchiness or worse still... the dreaded 'beard-ruff'! Some studies even show that using emu oil can help stimulate follicle growth and improve beard thickness.

Chicken soup for sick beards!

Emu oil is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and other nutrients that will help nurse your beard back to optimal health. Just like the ingredients in Granny's chicken soup, emu oil is 100% natural and incredibly good for you, especially your beard! It is high in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9) ) as well as vitamins A, D, E, F & K2, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavones, polyphenols and phospholipids. These all work to reduce inflammation, moisturise & repair hair follicles and stimulate new growth.

Emu oil helps by...

Moisturising & soothing

Deeply penetrates and hydrates beard hair follicles making them look healthy, shiny and strong.

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Relieving inflammation

The fatty acids help relieve inflammation affecting hair follicle health, density and underlying skin issues.

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Stimulates growth

A 2016 study found emu oil stimulated new hair follicle growth whilst investigating its wound healing properties.

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Who is emu oil good for?

The bald and the beard'iful'...

Those who want a heroic beard
Emu oil helps stimulate new hair growth and improve beard density. It strengthens follicle roots and targets inflammation and bacteria which can stunt new growth. Research suggests emu oil can promote the growth of hair within 30 days (1). As a 5α-Reductase inhibitor (DHT blocker), emu oil also inhibits enzymes responsible for stunting new hair growth.

Those who have a heroic beard
Emu oil makes a good beard better. It moisturises hair follicles, leaving them stronger, shiny and super healthy. This will help reduce frizziness and make your beard look awesome! Better still, it also helps the skin under/surrounding your beard. This will prevent and/or clear up any rashes, dry skin or 'beard-druff'.


Emu oil is an emulsifier so it will not make your face look like the greasy paper at the bottom of last night's KFC

All skin types

A very gentle natural oil, especially good for sensitive skin or those with allergies


does not clog skin pores like other beard oils which prevent further hair growth

100% natural

Free from chemicals & other nasties for those conscious about what goes on their skin

Good for skin

Unlike some beard oils, emu oil is just as good for your skin as it is your beard

Transdermal (absorbent)

Helps deliver other hair growth products deeper into the skin for greater effect

Man applying emu oil to beard

How to best use emu oil for beard care

Instructions for use

Squeeze a small amount of oil on hands and massage gently into your beard and skin underneath. Use enough to lightly cover the entire beard, you don't need a lot - 5 to 10 drops worth is usually enough. The best time to do this is after you shower or wash your face. This helps open your pores up so the oil can absorb deeper. Dry your hair and face first. If you have a very long/thick beard, you may need to use a little more oil and try to massage it in deeper so it reaches the skin. Just make sure the oil reaches your skin underneath the beard for best results. Repeat this once or twice a day daily for best results.

Experience all the good things only a majestic beard will bring into your life today!
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