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Emu oil for tattoo aftercare

A versatile natural oil your skin will love!

Helps heal the skin and lock in that new tattoo colour!

Emu oil is the best way to look after your new tattoo. Being all natural, deep-penetrating and nutrient-dense, emu oil assists the recovery process more effectively than other traditional skin moisturisers & aftercare products. It is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other things your healing skin craves! With a similar profile to the oils found in human skin, emu oil can penetrate all 7 skin layers to deliver its many benefits at a deeper cellular level.

Being 100% natural and without side effects, emu oil can be applied to broken skin around the new tattoo, even in the most 'sensitive' areas. It is a much safer and effective alternative than using chemical-laden products like vaseline or synthetic moisturisers/creams which may cause more harm than good. If you are conscious about what goes on your skin and want to aid the reparation process, then emu oil is for you.

Emu oil helps by...


Unique lipid profile allowing the oil to penetrate and absorb into all 7 layers of the skin for enhanced benefit.

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Relieves & hydrates

Moisturises the skin and delivers anti-inflammatory agents to relieve redness, itchiness, soreness and more.

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Assists healing process

Helps repair the skin, stops/minimises scarring, and seals the skin to reduce the chance of infection.

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How emu oil works in the recovery process

Effective alternative to other aftercare products

  • Helps moisturise and soothe dry, itchy & irritated skin around the newly tattooed area.
  • 100% natural free from side-effects so is suitable to use on even the most 'sensitive' of areas
  • Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic, which helps reduce redness, tenderness and inflammation around the region
  • Forms a protective barrier locking in moisture and blocking contaminants from entering the wound, thus helping stop infections
  • Penetrates all 7 skin layers to hydrate and lock in the tattoo ink colour at a deep cellular level other oils or moisturisers can't reach

Emu oil is a natural, safer and more effective alternative to other post tattoo skin products.

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Which product is best for me?

Aftercare options and instructions

Follow the instructions your tattoo artist has recommended for keeping your tattoo clean. Pat the tattoo dry using a clean cloth or paper towel. Pour a small amount on to your fingertips, gently rubbing them together to warm the oil up slightly. Gently rub a small layer of emu oil over your whole tattoo. Repeat this process 2-3 times daily until your tattoo has completely healed. Emu oil is designed to lock in the colour of your tattoos and speed up the healing process.

Frequently asked questions

Your body will naturally identify there is damage to the skin after a tattoo, thus causing inflammation to help heal. The side-effects, including redness, itchiness, swelling ad pain can be quite uncomfortable, not to mention if it becomes infected which is quite common. This is where applying pure emu oil or our skin repair cream to the general area really helps.

We recommend applying our pure emu oil twice daily after you have cleansed with a mild soap and gently dried the affected area. Emu oil’s deeply penetrative properties, coupled with it’s anti-inflammatory, wound healing and scar reducing abilities means it is a great option to help your tattoo stay hydrated while helping to heal the area. If you have concerns with the healing process we recommend that you contact your tattoo artist directly for further instructions.

There are a number ways you can help support the tattoo healing process to speed up your recovery:

  • Clean the tattoo site 2-3 times daily with a mild soap.
  • Make sure the tattoo is dried completely after cleansing, by patting gently with a clean towel.
  • Apply pure emu oil 2-3 times a day after cleansing to aid in wound healing, boosting collagen, improving itching and keeping the skin hydrated and supple.
  • Do not scratch or pick the site! Scabbing and itchiness is a healthy part of the healing process, however, if you break the scab you can damage the tattoo and the surrounding skin.
  • Avoid using products that are scented or petroleum based. Harsh chemicals and scented products can react with the damaged skin, increasing the likelihood of irritation, poor wound healing and scarring.

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