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Emu oil for muscle & joint pain

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A powerful natural anti-inflammatory

Don’t let joint & muscle pain stop you from living your best life!

If you suffer from inflammation causing muscle soreness, joint pain, stiffness, bruising or swelling, emu oil may be exactly what you are looking for. These don’t have to stop you living an active life doing all the things you love. That’s where daily application of emu oil can step in to help manage pain and related symptoms.

With a similar composition to the oils found in human skin, emu oil has the unique ability to penetrate through the skin’s protective layers into tissues when applied topically. This delivers the oil’s high concentrations of fatty acids (omega 3 & 9) and antioxidants proven to reduce inflammation and swelling, directly to the affected areas. These help fight against free radicals that cause inflammation and oxidative stress as well as lubricating the joints for effective targeted relief from pain. Best of all emu oil is completely natural and suitable for use on all skin types with no reported side-effects.

A three-way approach to inflammatory pain

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Penetrates skin

Topical application absorbed through the skin’s protective layers directly into tissues for targeted relief

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Contains high levels of omegas 3 & 9 + antioxidants which are known to fight inflammation and oxidative stress

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Massaging into the affected area relieves muscle tightness & tension and promotes blood-flow to assist recovery.

Rubbing emu oil into elbow joint pain

A natural chemical-free alternative

Suppresses inflammation-derived topical pain

Emu oil massaged around the joint/muscle area will penetrate the skin and help reduce inflammation and swelling in the region. The essential fatty acids help lubricate the joint, providing further relief. Massaging will also increase circulation to potentially promote faster recovery. By targeting inflammation, joint pain caused by certain types of psoriasis (e.g. psoriatic arthritis) and other skin conditions, can also be successfully managed using emu oil.

"This finding of suppression of pro-inflammatory cytokines from activated human lymphocytes supports animal studies which demonstrated that emu oil has anti-inflammatory activity when applied topically.”

- A Anti-inflammatory Efficacy of Emu Oil - Refinement of an in vitro assay (2008 study)

Emu oil bottle in gym bag

Helps relieve & prevent muscle fatigue

Add to your gym bag for post-workout routine

If you go to the gym or lead an active lifestyle, keeping a bottle of emu oil in your gym bag will go a long way. After showering, massage a small amount of oil into the muscles you just used to assist muscle recovery. This helps minimise the risk of injury or joint pain, especially if you have/had a pre-existing injury in a particular area in the past.

For all other muscle or joint pain, rub an adequate amount into the affected area, massaging the muscle or joint for a few minutes. Do this 2-4 times a day for an active injury, or once a day or after exercising for preventative purposes. The best time to apply emu oil is after you have a shower when the skin is supple and more absorbent.

Frequently asked questions

Yes it can. Please read more more information about emu oil for arthritis here.

Yes. Doing so can be very beneficial as emu oil is an excellent carrier oil and will help absorption. As an example specifically for muscle and joint pain, adding liquid magnesium oil to the emu oil, and then rubbing in to the affected area, can produces fantastic results.

Enough to cover the affected muscle or joint area so that you can massage it in until full absorbed..

No, emu oil has been extensively used and studied and no reported side-effects have been observed. If you are concerned, you can do a spot test on a neutral area of skin such as the inside of your wrist first before applying to other potentially more sensitive areas to ensure no allergic reactions.

If your joint/muscle pain is caused by an autoimmune skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, you may wish to use both/either of our skin repair cream and pure emu oil. The repair cream will help further target the underlying skin issue causing the inflammation pain in such scenarios. However for other unrelated joint and muscle issues you are better off just using the pure oil.

Relieve sore muscles, joints & inflammation with emu oil today!
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