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Can I use emu oil on my dog?

Cavoodle dog with emu oil bottle on lawn

We often get asked if "emu oil is good for dogs" by our customers after they have used it with great success themselves and naturally want to share it with their family friend. The short answer is Yes! Not only is emu oil safe for dogs to consume orally or topically on their skin & fur, it is also incredibly good for them in so many ways. As avid pet owners ourselves (that's our Cavoodle pictured) we use it all the time. Here's the lowdown on why...

Why emu oil for dogs?

Unlike many dog care products, pure emu oil is completely natural, safe, hypoallergenic and very good for them. It is naturally high in essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9), Vitamins A, D, E, F and K2, and various antioxidants, carotenoids, flavones, polyphenols, and phospholipids. These are all super important for overall health & wellbeing across many areas for our canine friends.

Supplementing emu oil into your dog's food, or rubbing topically on their skin & fur, can help with a myriad of issues and promote overall wellbeing. Emu oil has unique transdermal properties, so when rubbed topically can penetrate deep within the skin and fur to deliver its many benefits much more than just skin deep. It is also perfectly safe for dogs to consume, after all it is just rendered oil from the bird's fat sac. Emu oil has a subtle pleasant taste, so even the 'fussiest furry foody' will have no worries eating it. Now if only they made worming tablets like this...

Skin issues, bites & rashes

Sadly dogs are like magnets for many types of skin issues. Whether these be from flea bites, eczema/psoriasis, dermatitis, wounds from biting/scratching, general dryness or itchiness, bug bites, sunburn or other skin problems, emu oil can significantly assist recovery and provide relief. It is the omega 3,6, 9 plus various vitamins and nutrients prevalent in emu oil which make it so good for skin issues and wound healing for dogs.

What really sets emu oil apart from the plethora of other remedial skincare products for dogs is that it is 100% natural, non-allergenic and transdermal. This means it will deliver relief at the source of the issue by penetrating deep within the skin, rather than just masking the issue, or making it worse by triggering an allergic reaction. Doing so will help provide relief from itchiness or pain whilst nourishing the skin and promoting healing processes. Simply apply a few drops of pure emu oil directly to the affected skin area/s and massage in gently, or provide additional support internally by adding a few drops to their food. This can be done both in response to an existing skin issue, or as a preventative measure to help stave off future issues.

Pouring emu oil into dog food bowl

A few drops in your dog's food each day will go a long way to supporting skin, fur and overall health.

Arthritis & sore joints

It is very common for older dogs to experience sore muscles and joints as they battle the effects of arthritis, genetic dispositions and general aging. The high levels of omega 3, 6 & 9 (Essential Fatty Acids) in emu oil help fight inflammation, reduce oxidative stress and provide relief from the associated pain. In fact, a dietary deficiency in these EFA's is a leading cause for many muscle and joint issues. For this you can put a few drops (1/4 teaspoon for every 10kg body weight) into their food and/or massage 1-3 times a day into the affected areas topically. Massaging is exceptionally good because it also helps the oil absorb through the skin, stimulates white blood cell activity to the joints, and what dog doesn't love a bit of affection for some additional TLC benefits?

Fur & coat health

You can tell how healthy and happy a dog is by how shiny their coat is. What makes pure emu oil exceptionally good for this are the high levels of  Omega 6 it contains. A deficiency in Omega 6 is actually one of the leading causes for a damaged coat and even hair loss, so supplementing this from a natural source like emu oil just makes sense. This is supported by the other EFA's, vitamins and antioxidants in emu oil which all help make their coat healthy and shiny too. We might get in trouble saying this, but many show dog owners use emu oil as their secret weapon to impress the judges with an immaculate shiny coat (we won't tell if you don't). To use emu oil for your dog's coat you can add a few drops into their daily food to consume orally and/or to their favourite shampoo and use this as instructed.

Note: we do have an emu oil shampoo, however this is specifically for people as the Ph levels of the additional ingredients in this are not suitable for dog's coats.

Gut & digestive health

The potent anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties of emu oil make it suitable to compliment the traditional treatment of various inflammation-derived gut and digestive issues. These may include colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), parasites and ulcers. The essential fatty acids in emu oil help reduce inflammation and also prevent the reproduction of harmful gut bacteria due to its bacteriostatic properties. To aid your dog's overall gut and digestive health, or in response to a current condition, simply add a few drops to their food. About 1/4 of a teaspoon for every 10kg of body weight is ideal - you don't need a lot.

Dog licking emu oil out of hands

Even the fussiest dogs love the taste of emu oil!

Overall health & wellbeing

Even if your furry friend is already happy and healthy, they can still benefit greatly from emu oil. Just like people, dogs can use a daily boost of the nutrient-dense biologically active properties contained in emu oil. Doing so will help keep their coat shiny, their skin healthy and promote wellbeing across many other important areas within the body. Adding some emu oil to their food and/or to their shampoo when it is bath time, is a great addition to your dog's wellbeing routine.


We hope this article has shed some light on why emu oil is so good for dogs. If you would like to try this approach we recommend using our pure emu oil. Unlike our skin repair cream and shampoo, the pure oil contains no additional ingredients - just the natural goodness of Australian emu oil. The supporting ingredients in our other products are the wrong Ph level for dogs and specifically made for us owners, not our dogs. Try OzWellness pure emu oil on your furry friend today, and gain all the benefits a loving, healthy and happy dog brings to you and your family.

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