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OzWellness is now an official Australian Made licensee

Australia made logo against emu oil products on farm

Proudly 100% Australian

When we first conjured up OzWellness, the first and most important thing for us was to use Australian emu oil. Like most things from Australia, our emu oil is by far the best in the world! Obviously emus are native to Australia, but every other part of the farming, rendering, production and quality control processes done here makes it far superior to overseas emu farms too.

That is why we not only use Australian-farmed emu oil, but we also only use  Australian-grown ingredients in Australian-made packaging and sold from an Australian-owned business. In case you didn't notice, we are pretty keen on being 100% Australian!

We are now an official licensee

Today it brings us great pleasure to announce that we are now officially certified by the official Australian made organisation - view our listing.

To be eligible for this we had to demonstrate many facets of our business and ingredients were all from Australia. This now allows us to proudly use the official Australian made logo on our packaging and website.

More than just Australian made...

There are many other emu oil companies who claim to be 100% Australian, but we are one of only a few with this official certification. This is not to say they are not, but we just wanted to give our customers that extra peace of mind that comes from being linked with the Australia made logo and the quality it represents by registering with them.

* We single-source our oil from an Australian emu farm

* We only add Australian grown ingredients to our other products (shampoo & skin cream)

* All bottling and production is done in Australia

* Our packaging (bottles, jars etc.) are made in Australia

* Our business is owned, registered and based in Australia (Redcliffe, Queensland)

Thank you to the traditional owners of the land

Any mention of being 100% Australian would not be right without acknowledging the true traditional owners of this wonderful land. With respect to the farm and where we conduct our business, we would like to pay our respects to the Barunggam, Waka Waka and Yuggera Aboriginals who are the traditional owners. Thank you.

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