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At OzWellness we are totally committed to doing business and helping people in a way that is ethical, sustainable and supportive of our local community.

Australian made icon Farmed & made in Australia
100% natural icon All natural ingredients
Chemical free icon No chemicals or other nasties
Cruelty free icon Free range farming
100% recyclable icon Recyclable packaging
Sustainable icon Environmentally sustainable
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Australian made & owned

OzWellness is a 100% Australian made and operated business. We pride ourselves on using Australian made ingredients, farming and manufacturing practices, product packaging and design across our entire business. This way we can ensure that everything is of the highest standard and we can back the quality of our products 100%. This includes our drive for more sustainable practices, which is a fundamental part of Australian business and why we chose to even source our bottles from our own backyard.

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Natural ingredients

We ARE passionate about making natural products that enhance the health and wellbeing of our customers. We are NOT passionate about putting junk like chemicals, preservatives, phthalates, sulfates, and other man-made nasties in them. Our goal is to blend traditional knowledge and natural ingredients in a way that is sustainable, ethical and good for the environment.

That’s why we chose emu oil as the hero ingredient in all OzWellness products. This oil embodies natural ancient wisdom, with Australia’s indigenous population having used it for over 40,000 years.

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We are committed to creating all natural and naturally derived products that are inspired by traditional knowledge coupled with Australian ingredients.

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Recyclable packaging

We decided a part of our core values within our business was to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. By sourcing 100% Australian made BPA free PET plastic packaging that is fully recyclable we can ensure our carbon footprint is minimised significantly. The choice to buy locally produced ingredients and packaging can ensure the sustainability of our business long term, while knowing that we are adhering to the strict environmental controls that Australian manufactures use, all of which will help us to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ethical free range farming

Our ethically sourced emu oil comes from completely free-range birds. On the farm they are left to roam large fields containing a variety of native Australian flora and fauna that mimics the animal’s natural habitat. We believe that the best quality oil comes from a single source, with birds that are raised in an environment that mimics their natural habitat with minimal interference.

Working directly with the farm ensures that we know exactly how the birds are raised, what they are fed and how they are treated. That is why single-source is so important to us and sets us apart from most other emu oil companies.

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Sustainably farmed with minimal environmental impact

One of the many reasons we picked emu oil, aside from its amazing therapeutic benefits, was because emus are native to Australia and are designed to live on our land. They are soft-footed, causing minimal impact to soil which significantly decreases the impact on the environment through soil erosion.

There is also little to no need for land clearing for farmland. In fact, trees are planted to provide the right environment for this species to thrive. Making this type of farming eco-friendly and sustainable, compared to other types of commercial farming from cattle and sheep.

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Non-GMO, hormone & antibiotic free diet

Unlike many other emu farms, our birds are fed a chemical and hormone free, non-GMO diet that is free from antibiotics. This type of farming allows the animals to add to their existing diet through foraging native plants and insects. Doing so results in a far superior oil with greater nutrient density.

Not only does this give better results from use, but it also ticks all the boxes if you are conscious about what you and your family consume and the part this plays in standards that are set and accepted on a larger scale.

Being single-source means we know exactly what goes into every bottle of OzWellness emu oil and 100% stand behind it's quality.