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Emus roaming the farm

Free range

Spacious farm setup to mimic the bird's natural Australian habitat.

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Ethically raised

The birds are raised with minimal interference and impact upon their native environment

Emu on horizon with purple sunset


Fed a healthy natural diet free from all hormones, antibiotics, GMO's and chemicals.

We promise that when you're buying from us, you are buying the best quality single source therapeutic emu oil that money can buy.

Product spread next to emu egg at farm

Single-sourced from Australia's premier emu farm

We exclusively use emu oil produced from a farm in outback Queensland. They raise their emus commercially, not just for the oil, but also for their meat, skin, eggs and feathers. About 95% of the animal is utilised, which is unlike many other emu farms which only raise the birds for their prized oil. This is a respectful process with very little waste. On average each emu we use is comprised of up to 15kg fat, which is double that which is commonly extracted on other farms. This is a direct indicator of the superiority of the farming methods, diet and quality of birds.

The farm mimics the emu's natural Australian habitat, featuring green rolling pastures, trees and flowers of outback Queensland. The entire process is very ethical and sustainable. The birds are completely free-range and left to roam large fields in a region they are native to. They are fed a chemical, hormone & GMO free diet, with no added antibiotics. This type of farming also allows the animals to add to their existing diet through foraging native plants and insects.

Consciously and passionately farmed to produce a superior quality oil for your health, wellbeing and peace of mind.

Emu farm collage

Farmed consciously, ethically and passionately

Because the emus are raised in their natural environment with minimal interference, it is very rare for them to require any medication or antibiotics. This type of natural farming affords them access to natural and healthier alternatives via foraging instead. However, based on veterinarian advice, antibiotics at times may be administered in the event of illness as the health and wellbeing of the birds is non-negotiable.

From a sustainability point of view, there is almost no environmental impact from this type of farming. This is because emus are native to Australia and are soft-footed, meaning there is minimal impact to the soil. This significantly decreases soil erosion and land clearing for pastoral land. In fact, trees have been established to provide the right environment for this species to thrive. Emu farming is much more eco-friendly and sustainable when compared to other types of commercial farming such as cattle and sheep.

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