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The emu farm at Marburg

100% natural

As Mother Nature intended... free from artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals.

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Ethical & sustainable

Single-sourced from conscious & passionate farmers in Queensland, Australia.

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Emu oil has been helping people for 1000's of years & backed by 70+ scientific studies.

Our mission is to create ethical and sustainable health & wellness products that are sourced from our own incredible Australian backyard.

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Traditional solutions for modern times...

At OzWellness we wholeheartedly believe that the future of health & beauty is all about blending traditional knowledge and natural ingredients with a modern sustainable twist. Our main priorities when dreaming this business into fruition, were to improve our customers lives with ethical and sustainable products sourced from our own incredible Australian backyard.

Having personally used emu oil for many years, and seeing the incredible impact it brought to our family and friend's health in a very real way, it made perfect sense to choose this as the first of our hero products. That is why we made it our purpose to source the very best quality emu oil products and share these with as many people around the world as possible. Just as importantly, we wanted to do this in a way that is ethical, sustainable and conscious of the footprint we leave for every step of our business.

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Single-source from leading Aussie emu farm

Through our research and personal use, we were disappointed that the quality of emu oil on the market wasn't consistent. This meant neither were the health benefits. We felt you could never quite trust that the oil you were buying was going to live up to its full potential, or the marketing that went with it. It quickly became clear that how the birds are raised, what they are fed and how they are treated all have a massive impact on the quality of the final product.

With this in mind, we knew we had bring to market the absolute highest grade all-Australian emu oil. It became apparent that this would only be possible by working directly with a farmer, one who is passionate about the welfare of their animals, raising them free-range, with a diverse natural diet and who wasn't adding antibiotics and hormones unnecessarily to their feed.

Australian made icon Farmed & made in Australia
100% natural icon All natural ingredients
Chemical free icon No chemicals or other nasties
Cruelty free icon Free range farming
100% recyclable icon Recyclable packaging
Sustainable icon Sustainably farmed
Emu farm

From farm-gate to your home...

It was important for us that our customers had the full farm-gate to home experience when they purchased any of our products. That is why we chose to single-source our emu oil from a passionate, ethical and sustainable farm here in sunny Queensland. When we first visited the farm we instantly fell in love with the idyllic landscape as well as the farmers, who were as passionate about helping people as we were. Everything was onsite, meaning there was no additional transportation and minimal handling between the farm and final product - a true farm-gate to home experience!

This was important to us because we wanted to know exactly what went into every OzWellness product so we could be 100% confident to stand behind it as best on market. Furthermore, everything from what the birds ate, how they were looked after, the lack of pesticides & chemicals used, and just the overall conscious and ethical approach to the farming process as a whole - all aligned with our values.

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